Welcome to the networking event of the international hydrogen economy!

Green Hydrogen is the talk of the town.

For good reasons: there are countless potential applications, whether industrial, mobility or heating-related, along with new business models arising from these opportunities.

Yet many questions remain

  • How can a successful transition from grey to green hydrogen be accomplished?
  • What will tomorrow’s regulatory framework look like?
  • What is the role of hydrogen in the energy transition as a whole?

For answers to questions like these attend the H2EXPO & CONFERENCE!

Future-looking mega projects and innovative start-ups

The H2EXPO & CONFERENCE will showcase the full spectrum of current hydrogen technologies.Large-scale top-down projects reflecting the entire value chain will be highlighted, and new start-ups will present innovative concepts. Every company which has something important to offer or showcase in connection with Green Hydrogen will be present at the H2EXPO & CONFERENCE.



1.1.1 Plant construction
1.1.2 Water electrolysis
1.1.3 Alkaline water electrolysis
1.1.4 PEM water electrolysis
1.1.5 High temperature electrolysis

1.3.1 Pipeline / Grid Infrastructure
1.3.2 Seaway
1.3.3 Overland

1.4.1 Mobility Fuel cell Internal combustion engine Turbine
1.4.2. Power supply & heating
1.4.3. Industrial Metalllurgy Refinery Chemical / Pharma Other Industrial Applications

1.5.1 Simulation
1.5.2 Quality / Testing / Certification / Approval
1.5.3 Data gathering, (remote) retrieval and analysis
1.5.4 System integration
1.5.5 Engineering / Construction
1.5.6 Production technology / Automation
1.5.7 Supply / Components
1.5.8 Safety

(Consulting / Certification / Data / Publishing)

Fuel Cells