Secure booth space now for H2EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 and 2024!

Secure your stand space for 2023 and 2024 now!

H2EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023: 28.06.2023  -  29.06.2023
H2EXPO & CONFERENCE 2024: 24.09.2024  -  27.09.2024

Pricing + Application

Stand requirementsPrice (participation fee) per sq. m exhibition space 
(Early bird until 31 Dec 22)
Row stand, 1 side open€ 254,–€ 269,–
Corner stand, 2 sides open€ 294,–€ 309,–
Front stand, 3 sides open€ 314,–€ 329,–
Island stand, 4 sides open€ 344,–€ 359,–
National pavilion/Official national pavilion€ 245,–€ 255,–
Mandatory payments:   
Marketing package per main exhibitor€ 650,–€ 700,–
Marketing package per co-exhibitor€ 650,–€ 700,–
Co-exhibitor fee per co-exhibitor€ 400,–€ 400,–
AUMA fee per sq. m€ 0,60€ 0,60
Advocacy fee per sq. m
Speakers' Corner Slot€ 650.–tbd.
All-inclusive package€ 5.400,–€ 5.850,–

Application 2023

Application opportunities for H2EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 will be available within the next few days

Application 2024

Application opportunities for H2EXPO & CONFERENCE 2024

All-inclusive package for H2EXPO & CONFERENCE exhibitors

A complete fair stand incl. participation fee and stand construction for only € 5,400 (price 2023) or € 5,850 (price 2024) (plus VAT).

Please note that this offer is only valid for a 12m² row or corner stand.

All-inclusive package (example presentation)
All-inclusive package (example presentation)
  • Participation fee
  • Stand construction
  • Marketing package
  • AUMA fee
  • 2 exhibitor passes


  • wall construction white, 2.5m high, side walls 1m indented
  • Cabin, 1 m², with coat rack and lockable door
  • fascia board (white) 200x50cm on the backwall incl. company fascia lettering up to max. 15 letters in black, height approx. 10 cm
  • (Further fonts and colours as well as longer texts will be charged.)
  • 3 LED spotlights 21W
  • Rep weave carpet in gray
  • 1 table (white/wood), 2 chairs (white/wood), 1 bar stool (white/wood), 1 wastebasket (white)
  • 1 info counter incl. logo print on front (sides wood look, top plate white)
  • 1 3 kW electrical connection, incl. 1 socket, consumption and earthing
  • Daily cleaning (rug, tables, info counter)
  • Daily waste disposal (provision of one 60l garbage bag daily, incl. disposal)

Your way to participation

  1. Please fill out all fields in the application documents or the online form and return them to us.
  2. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your registration. Please note that this notification is not yet a final confirmation of your stand.
  3. The planning phase of the exhibition stands has already begun. You will receive our proposal as soon as we have selected a place for you.
  4. If you agree with the proposal, we will send you a confirmation with the log-in data for the Online Service Center. Now you can place your binding orders.
  5. The invoice will be sent at the beginning of the year in which the fair takes place.
  6. Service bookings (water, electricity, etc.) will be invoiced to you at the end of the event.


Any more questions?

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