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Business perspectives

Onshore & offshore H2 production / Why “green” hydrogen?; Growth & application markets / Alternative energy sources such as ammonia, synthetic fuels, power-to-X

Transport & storage

Global value chain & local infrastructure. What should a well-functioning infrastructure look like, and how can hydrogen be transported?

Regulations and support programmes

Support and incentive programmes from EU governments, financial institutes etc. /safety and risk management / harmonisation of international standards, codes and regulations

Sales markets

Industrial use of hydrogen – specific industries, associated opportunities and risks

From local to global

From local to global: How can the market be ramped up successfully? What should the regulatory environment look like? What technological challenges are we facing? What will the impact of the Ukraine conflict be? What is northern Europe’s potential? 


Preliminary Programme

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As of: 25 July 2022 -  Subject to alterations


The Current Geopolitical Situation

  • Keynote and subsequent panel discussion on “Safe Energy Supply and Geopolitics”

German Perspective


10:15 - 10:45


Moderation Jan Rispens

H2 - What happens in Hamburg and northern Germany?

First Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher (requested)

10:45 - 11:00

Impulse lecture

Moderation Jan Rispens


Dr. Verena Faber, Head of Capital Office, Energiewerke HH

11:00 - 11:15

Impulse lecture

Moderation Jan Rispens


Prof. Werner Beba, Project Manager NRL

11:15 - 11:45

Panel discussion

Moderation Jan Rispens


Dr. Faber, Prof. Beba & Leif Carstens (hySOLUTIONS)

The European Perspective

  • Zero-emission mobility with a secure energy energy supply in Europe
  • Production and distribution of hydrogen in Europe

European And Global Perspective


Our partners of the conference programme

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The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association (Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband e.V., DWV) has been advocating a sustainable hydrogen and fuel cell industry since 1996.  
It focuses on building a green hydrogen market economy as part of a sustainable energy supply infrastructure. Through our work we help achieve the climate goals efficiently while protecting our energy supply and the status of Germany as an industrial nation. Hydrogen produced using renewable energy plays a key role in achieving this.  
The activities of our association centre around implementing and optimising the right environment for the hydrogen economy in terms of market economics, technology and regulatory law, particularly in the areas of hydrogen generation, equipment engineering, gas and transport infrastructure and application technologies. To address these challenges globally, DWV supports international sustainable collaboration. With more than 450 individual and 150 institutional members, the Association represents more than 1.5 million jobs in all of Germany and consequently a substantial portion of the German national economy.

We are:
An industry network comprising around 220 companies, universities and institutions of the renewables industry as well as the hydrogen economy in the Hamburg metropolitan area. It includes energy utilities, financial services, manufacturers, scientific research institutions, logistics companies, project developers, lawyers as well as producers, distributors and consumers of hydrogen.

Your benefits:

  • Knowledge exchange forums on topics such as finance and law, media, solar power and heating; new forums on international cooperation and hydrogen added since 2021
  • Participation in events, workshops and conferences (in some cases including third parties) at discounted fees
  • Participation in international industry fairs through joint exhibition stands of the EEHH cluster
  • Inclusion of your company in the member directory on our website
  • Use of Web services, such as a free job exchange and a password-protected download area for members only
  • EEHH blog featuring project descriptions and discussions of specific topics
  • Interview opportunities for our EEHH podcast “New Energy from Hamburg”
  • Arrangement of cooperation partnerships with research institutions and universities
  • Arrangement of regional, national and international cooperation partnerships
  • Initiation of joint projects

For further information and a membership application form please go to www.erneuerbare-energien-hamburg.de

Recharge is the world’s leading business intelligence source for the renewable energy industries. We provide award-winning international coverage of breaking news, in-depth features and analysis across the hydrogen, wind and solar sectors. Learn about key energy issues as they happen and get industry insight from our experts.

VDMA Power-to-X for Applications is the central, cross-industry information, communication. and cooperation platform for the P2X community. It involves all key stakeholders and players from the development of manufacturing processes to the production of synthetic power and raw materials using power-to-X technologies to the end user. With its activities, it promotes a holistic and technology-open approach to the transformation of energy systems and raises public awareness for environmentally compatible energy use and mobility.